• What is NUANS?

    A NUANS reservation report is a business name report that’s required by most provincial governments when incorporating a business. The NUANS reservation is a list of existing corporate and business names, including trademarks, that are similar to the one being proposed. A NUANS reservation report helps you avoid choosing a name that is already in use.

  • How long is a NUANS Reservation valid?

    A NUANS reservation report is valid for 90 days. This means you must submit your incorporation within the 90-day time period. If the 90-day period has ended, you must order a new NUANS reservation report.

  • Registration vs. Approval

    Getting a reservation report does not mean that your proposed named has been approved or that it is legally compliant. It simply means that the name has been reserved for you for 90 days and no one else can incorporate a business under that name during that time. It is up to you to ensure the name you have reserved is unique and doesn’t infringe on any existing business names.

  • How Fast?

    We provide your NUANS reservation immediately after processing your request. It will show up immediately in your browser. We’ll also email you a copy right away.

  • Checklist for your Business Name

    There are certain words that are not permitted when naming your company. Some guidelines include:

    • You cannot use names of government symbols or organizations:

      • Cooperative/Coopérative

        Parliament Hill/Colline du Parlement

        Royal Canadian Mounted Police/Gendarmerie Royale du Canada


        United Nations/Nations Unies


    • You cannot use profane words

    • You cannot use a name that gives the impression of being a government sponsored entity

    • You cannot use a name that connotes carrying on the business of a bank, insurance company or similar business

    • If you are using the name of an individual in your corporate name, you may be required to file a consent showing the individual approves of the use of their name

    Tip: The more distinctive your name is, the more protection it will get!

  • Good Company Name = Distinctive & Descriptive Terms

    When conducting your NUANS reservation report, the best practice is to choose a name that is both unique and contains the following two components:

    [Distinctive Element] + [Descriptive Element]

    Example: Rhino Sandwiches

    • Rhino is the distinctive element which promotes your company's brand.

    • Sandwiches is the descriptive element, as it describes the nature of your business.

  • What does NUANS stand for?

    Little known fact, NUANS stands for Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search!

  • How do I Incorporate?

    If you’re looking to incorporate, you can do so with Founded. It’s just as simple and intuitive as this site! And, it’s built by the same team.